At LJ HOST, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our websites are beautiful and functional. Our process is mature, and our team is efficient. Our team consists of passionate designers and developers, consistently delivering astonishing sites using the latest in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Symfony, jQuery, WordPress, and many other technologies. By trade we are a LAMP house, and have always loved the open source community. Was that enough acronyms for you?


Founded in early 2001, LJ HOST is a boutique digital agency with a long track record. Started in Madison, WI, with a computer and a dream... we have been through the dot com bubble(s), the hype of Web 2.0, and the frenzy of social media.

Nowadays, we are a mature, location-independent agency, with team members across the globe. We ♥ clean code and mastered CSS before it was cool. We consistently choose quality over quantity. Our top team members are based in (but not necessarily working from) Panama City; Madison; Chiang Mai; Sevastopol; and Thessaloniki to name a few.

Executive Team

Jesse Schoberg - Principal Web Architect / Founder

Jesse Schoberg
Jesse Schoberg
Principal Web Architect

Founding LJ HOST in April of 2001, Jesse has brought the company from a one man local web design shop to a global boutique digital agency. With more than a decade and a half of experience, he has led his team to create and collaborate on well over 500 websites and founded a few other interesting projects. He is a self-educated, passionate entrepreneur, who is shamelessly addicted to technology, the hustle, and globetrotting. For Jesse, keeping up with the latest tech trends has always been a passion, not a chore. While extremely well-versed in many technologies, the beauty of designing through code via CSS has consistently been his biggest vice.

Laura Lee - Global Operations Director

Laura Lee
Global Operations Director

Joining LJ HOST in 2005, Laura has directed LJ's global team to complete 100s of websites.

Currently Laura focuses on vision in an owner capacity. Laura’s main focus is daily operations and working directly with outsource clients and agencies, while managing the global team. Having a ruthless eye for detail and quality, Laura ensures only the best product gets delivered. Beating deadlines and making happy clients while comparing the world's beaches is her specialty.


We will continue to produce quality work for agencies and retail clients via our highly detail orientated team. Additionally, we are now focusing on direct-to-customer ventures of our own and pursuing a number of exciting ventures and acquisitions.