LJ Host Ventures and Collaborations

We're constantly developing our own internal projects. Sometimes built from scratch, sometimes bringing new life to an acquisition, the best of which are showcased here.

Drop In Blog


DropInBlog is our core focus for the foreseeable future.

The most efficient and flexible way to add a blog to an existing site. DropInBlog integrates with your site template. No software to install or themes to code and manage. An easy cloud based admin panel makes posting dead simple.

Embed a blog into your site in only 3 minutes. No WordPress needed. .

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Crickets.org [In Development]


Launching soon... Crickets.org aims to educate about the benefits of eating crickets as an alternative and sustainable protein source.

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Form To Email


Founded in 2003 and acquired by LJ HOST in 2011, FormToEmail is one of the most popular form processing services on the web. Utilized by over 50,000 websites, it provides a simple and flexible way to process forms. Available as a cloud based SaaS or a PHP script. It is very easy to implement and extremely feature rich.

FormToEmail was acquired in late 2019 by a group of internet asset investors.

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Franchises Under 10k .net

Franchises Under 10k

FranchisesUnder10k.net is the #1 information source for cheap franchises. Driving high converting leads, Franchises Under 10k connects prospects looking to start their own franchise with the best low cost franchise opportunities.

FranchisesUnder10k.net was acquired in mid 2019 by an individual in the online franchise space.

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Hotel Spinner / Hotel Comparison

Hotel Spinner

Launched in 2010, Hotel Spinner is an aggregator of over 30 worldwide hotel booking sites. Pioneering the "Review Summary", the site makes choosing a hotel simpler than ever, by comparing dozens of sites to find the best price available.

In 2013, the Hotel Spinner technology and brand were sold and rebranded as Hotel Comparison. We wish them the best of luck with their new venture.